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Settings associated with your Info Bar on your SnapPages website

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The Info Bar is located at the top of the screen. This is where quick links to Social Media platforms are displayed and important text for your visitors to see!


In the Info Bar section of the Header editor, there are more great customizable options such as the positioning of the Header and the ability to toggle it off or on with the click of a button. Below you will find brief descriptions of each of the options!

  • Enabled - Using this toggle, quickly turn on or off your Info Bar.

  • Text - The Text feature allows custom strings of text into the Info Bar as seen in the example above.

  • Social Links - Set the links to your existing Social Media icons as well as add in even more.

  • Color - Set the text Color of your Info Bar. This option will not have an effect if you have a page Section background included in the header, unless you have a Background set.

  • Background - This is used to set a specific background color of the Info Bar.

  • Position - The Position option gives allows the option of placing your Info Bar at the top or bottom of the header.

  • Border - Set up a border line on the bottom or top of your Info Bar based on the set position.

  • Overlap - By turning on Overlap, the header will overlap with the Info Bar.

  • Reverse - This option will flip the Text and Social Media Items to different sides of the screen.


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