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Log In or Sign Up for a Subsplash Account
Log In or Sign Up for a Subsplash Account

A Subsplash account is required whether donating to your church, joining a group, or registering for an event.

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Your Subsplash account can be used for many different features on our platform, including Giving, Messaging, Live Chat, and Event Registration. This account will also allow you to log into any of our apps if you are a member of multiple churches or organizations. This makes it easy for you, so you'll only have to remember one email and password.

Admins, this is not tied to your Dashboard user. You will still need to log in/sign up to create an account.

Do not log in through

The login screen below is not for app users, donors, or those without Dashboard access. If you see this, please head to your church’s website or app before proceeding with the instructions above.

Log in or Sign up

If you are a new user, you can create an account on your church's app or website, whether having just downloaded the app, registering for an event, or trying to donate to your church. If you are in the app and you click on the profile icon in the top right, you will find a page that looks like the following:

Next, click "Log in or sign up".

Select your preferred method of authentication. Your account is tied to your email address, which allows you to use multiple authentication methods if you would like.

  • Email (Preferred)

    • Continuing with email will take you through the traditional email/password setup and require you to create a password.

  • Apple (if you are on iOS, iPadOS, or Safari)

  • Google

Once your account has been created, you will receive an email for confirmation and will automatically be logged in.

Now that you are logged in, whether it's on the web or the app, you will be able to continue with registration for an event, join a live chat, or complete a gift.

If you find yourself logged out and you need to manage your account, you will need to log in again either through your church’s app, their Giving link through their church website, or their web messaging link. Each of these areas will prompt you to log in, and continue with your preferred authentication method, you will find the ability to edit your account details.


If specifically, you need to edit your Giving payment methods, recurring gifts, or check gift history. You can log in directly through your church's app or through the Giving link from their website. The login credentials for Subsplash Giving will be the same as your app login credentials.


Within your church's app, select the profile icon in the upper right corner.


Logging into your Subsplash account through your church’s website will depend on what tools from Subsplash they use. If they use Subsplash for donations you will start with navigating to the Giving section on their website and finding the Giving tab.

They could also use Subsplash Groups and Messaging in which case the Messaging icon can be found in the bottom right of their site, click on it to log into your account and access your Groups.

Password Reset

If you need to reset your password for any reason, follow the instructions above to find the login page. Below the selection box, select Forgot Password? to start the password reset process. When an email with an associated user account is entered, a password reset email will be sent to the email entered. Click the button in the email to reset and enter a new password.

If you are having trouble receiving the password reset email, please check out our article on Troubleshooting Your Email.

The password reset function will only work for accounts set up using the "Login with email" option. If a third-party authentication method like Apple or Google was used to create the account, the password reset will take place through their platform and login pages.

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