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Managing Your Subsplash Account
Managing Your Subsplash Account

How to log in to your Subsplash account and keep it up to date with correct payment information and personal details.

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Accessing Your Account

To manage your Subsplash account, navigate to your organization's Giving Link and select Log in or Sign up in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Within the app, select the donor icon in the upper right corner. If you ever get lost, just refresh the page, select the profile icon, and you'll be directed back to your account! For additional help logging in, please view Log In or Sign Up for a Subsplash Account.

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Managing Your Account

Once you're logged into your account, you'll be able to edit your profile, reset your password, view your gift history, manage your payment methods and gifts, or delete your account. See How to delete your Subsplash account for more information.

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Edit Profile

Since Subsplash serves churches around the world, your Subsplash account will let you log into any of them but your profile is unique to each church. If you are a part of multiple churches be sure you are logged into the correct one and updating the relevant profile.

Each profile can have different information about you as a user, this allows you to share these details with one church but not another for any reason.

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Gift History

If you need a refresher on your giving history, you can view your recent transactions from the Gift History page. Please Note: You will only see a limited gift history within your donor account. Feel free to reach out to your church directly to receive your full giving history or official giving statement.

  • This page will only show gifts that are being processed or have already been processed.

  • This page will not show any future scheduled gifts.

  • This page only shows recent history. For a complete history of your giving, contact your church or organization and they will be able to provide a complete statement.

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Payment Methods

Whenever you need to add new payment methods or unlink old payment methods, just navigate to the Payment Methods page within your account. Looking to simply update the payment method tied to a recurring gift? You can do that from the Recurring Gifts page. If you would like step-by-step instructions on linking payment methods, please visit your Link a debit or credit card as well as our How to link and verify your bank account!

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Recurring Gifts

From the Recurring Gifts page, you have the option to view, cancel, or edit any active recurring gift. For step-by-step by step instructions on managing your recurring donations, Edit or stop a recurring gift!

Note: Scheduled Gifts will only appear as a menu option if there is an active recurring donation.

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Have more questions? Click here to browse more Support articles or reach out to the contact email found at the bottom of your gift confirmation emails to get ahold of your church or organization.

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