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End User & Donor Resources
End User & Donor Resources
Downloading Audio for Offline UseDownloading audio on the app enables you to playback the content without being connected to the internet or continuing to use cellular data.
Managing your Payment MethodsAdd or update your payment methods for Subsplash Giving.
Log In or Sign Up for a Subsplash AccountA Subsplash account is required whether donating to your church, joining a group, or registering for an event.
Facebook Login No Longer AvailableIf you have previously logged into your account using Facebook, you may notice that this option is no longer available on the login page
Troubleshoot Your EmailEnsure that emails get to where they need to go — your inbox. Covers a few reasons why you might not be receiving our emails.
Delete Your Subsplash Account
Cast Content from your AppWhatever platform you might be using, you may want to view your content on a bigger screen.
Linking Your Bank AccountBefore you can donate with Subsplash Giving, you will need to link a payment type.
Managing Your Subsplash AccountHow to log in to your Subsplash account and keep it up to date with correct payment information and personal details.
Recurring Gift Email NotificationsWhen you set up a recurring gift, you'll receive an email notification for the following situations.
Request a Refund or Cancel a GiftA donor can request a refund for a transaction that has already processed.
Editing or Discontinuing Your Recurring DonationFrom time to time, you may find yourself wanting to edit your recurring donation.
Access your Tax Statements
Giving ReceiptsYou should receive a receipt as soon as your donation processes.
Start Giving to Your Church Through Subsplash GivingLog in and set up your one-time or recurring donations to your Church.
Understanding Gift FrequenciesWhen giving through the Subsplash Giving platform, you'll find five different frequencies that can be chosen for your donation
PCI and Subsplash Giving SecurityAn overview of the security of Subsplash Giving!
Getting Started as a Group CreatorAs a Group Creator within Subsplash Groups, it is your responsibility to create groups, invite users, and manage the Groups as necessary.
How to Create a Recurring GiftSubsplash Giving offers four recurring gift frequencies for you to choose from! Follow these steps to create a recurring gift.
Split GiftsLearn how to give to multiple funds at the same time.
In-App Volunteer SchedulingLearn how to accept or deny rostering requests, as well as manage availability as a volunteer.
Report Messaging Users & ContentIf you come across content or another user that might be inappropriate or suspicious, you can now easily report it to your group manager.
Compatible Bank AccountsWhat kind of bank accounts can you use with Subsplash Giving?
Fill In Notes ResponsesFill In Notes are a fantastic way to engage your users with fill-in-the-blank notes, discussion questions, and bulletins.