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Setting up Giving
Tax Info FAQsTax information is needed for collecting tax-free donations
Creating a Custom Subsplash Giving LinkHow to create a custom Subsplash Giving link
Updating Your Giving BannerHow to update your Subsplash Giving banner image
The Maximum Donation Amount Allowed In A Single TransactionThis article explains the maximum amount a single donor can give in an individual transaction.
Giving SettingsUnderstanding the general giving settings available to you in the dashboard.
Supporting Your DonorsHow to best support the donors within your church.
Subsplash Giving in CanadaCan I sign up for Subsplash Giving if I'm in Canada?
Giving Migration Plan and Email TemplatesA simple communication plan to help you with your Subsplash Giving migration!
Troubleshooting Company Name & EIN/Tax ID VerificationLearn how to verify your information to move forward with Subsplash Giving
Giving Rollout ToolkitHere are some great resources to help you get the word out about Subsplash Giving.
Add Giving to Your AppOnce your Subsplash Giving account is verified, you can add a tab or link to your app for a seamless giving experience.

Edit or Stop a Recurring GiftA step-by-step guide to edit or discontinue your recurring donation.
Guest GivingGuest Giving is a great way for visitors to your church to donate and tithe without creating an account.
Gift Processing TimesFor a gift to be able to transfer to your bank account, it must first be processed and each gift method can vary.
Setting up Gift MemosHow to setup memos for your gifts
Editing Donor Info for RecieptsHow to edit donor info for your receipts
Accepting Donations on Behalf of OthersBest practices for when you want to accept donations on behalf of others or other organizations.
Recording Your FeesHow to record your fees at the end of the month
Differences Between Disputes and RefundsUnderstanding the differences between a dispute and a refund in Subsplash Giving
Donation EntryWith donation entry you can easily log cash and check donations.
Check ScanningAdd checks to your Batches without needing to enter them manually! Simply follow the instructions below to get started.
GiftsView your organization's gift history, refund a gift, or export gift data.
PaymentsAccept funds for events, merchandise, and other purchases through your mobile app or website.
Apple and Google Pay
Giving Processing Fees
Refunding GiftsFrom time to time, you may be contacted by a donor asking for a refund. Let's walk through how this can be accomplished.
Donor-covered Fees
Generating Tax StatementsHow to generate tax statements with Subsplash Giving
Generating a Kiosk LinkGenerating a giving link for a church lobby kiosk